Fontes /Sources


Geografia, Território e Paisagens
Geography, Territory and Landscapes

 1. CASTRO, João Baptista de - Mappa de Portugal, antigo e moderno, 2ª ed., Lisboa, Officina Patriarchal de Francisco Luiz Ameno, 1762 (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol.3)
3.   MOGG, Edward, PATERSON, Daniel - Roads: Roads; being an entirely original and accurate description of all the direct and principal cross roads in England and Wales, with part of the roads of Scotland, to which are added topographical sketches of the several cities, market towns, and remarkable villages; and descriptive accounts of the principal seats of the nobility and gentry, the antiquities, natural curiosities, and other remarkable objects throughout the kingdom, the whole remodelled, augmented, and improved by the addition of numerous new roads and new admeasurements, and arragned upon a plan at once novel, clear, and intelligible, is deduced from the latest and best authorities including a table of the heights of mountains from the grand trigonometrical survey of the kingdom; also a table of the population, from the census of 1821; to which is annexed the arrival and departure o the mail, together with the rates of postage, and an entirely new set of maps, London, Longman, 1836



Expo. Industriais, Internacionais e Universais
Industrial, International and Universal Expo. 

 Londres / London 1851 

  1. GASPEY, William; TALLIS, John -  Tallis's illustrated London; in commemoration of the Great exhibition of all nations in 1851: forming a complete guide to the British metropolis and its environs : illustrated by upwards of two hundred steel engravings from original drawings and daguerreotypes, London and New York, J. Tallis and Company, 1851      (Vol.1 , Vol. 2)
  2. Official catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, London, Spicer Brothers, 1851
  3. Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the works of the industry of all nations, London Spicer Brothers, 1851 (Vol.1 , Vol.2 , Vol.3 , Vol.4 , Vol.5)
  4. WEALE, John - London exhibition in 1851, London, 1851 

  1. ANSTED, David Thomas - Scenery, Science and Art: Being Extracts from the Note-Book of a Geologist and Mining Engineer, London, John Van Voorst, 1854  
  2. COLMENAR, Juan Alvarez de - Annales d'Espagne et  de Portugal: Concernant tout ce qui s'est passé de plus important dans ces deux royaumes and dans les autres parties de l'Europe, de même que dans les Indes Orientales & des Indes Occidentales, depuis de l'établissement de ces deux monarchies jusqu'à present, Amesterdan, François L'Honoré & Fils, 1741 (Vol.1, Vol.2 , Vol.3 , Vol.4)
  3. LYELL, Charles - Travels in North America; with geological observations in the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia, London, John Murray, 1845. (Vol. 1 , Vol.2
  4. MACKINNON, Henry - A journal of the campaign in Portugal and Spain, containing remarks on the inhabitants, customs, trade and cultivation, of those countries, from the year 1809 to 1812,London, Charles Duffield, 1812
  5. STOTHERT, William - A narrative of the principal events of the campaigns of 1809, 1810 & 1811, in Spain and Portugal; interspersed with remarks on local scenery and manners in a serie of letters, London, P. Martin, 1812
  6. SOUTHEY, Robert -  Letters written during a journey in Spain and a short residence in Portugal, London, Longman, 1908 (Vol. 1 , Vol. 2)
  7. TWISSE, Richard - Travels through Portugal and Spain, in 1772-1773, London, Robinson, 1775
  8. IDEM, Voyage en Portugal et en Espagne fait en 1772-1773, Berne, Societé Thypographique, 1776